All Animals Welcome

All Animals Welcome

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Guide Prices

Dog Walking from £8.00

There are two types of dog walking that I offer, a 30 minute walk or an hour walk, this is for a group of dogs or may include my own. Please contact me if you have a dog who cannot be walked in a group and this can be arranged. I offer very early morning walks to late afternoon walks.

I walk dogs in a variety of places. Most tend to be around the surrounding area of Chinley, longer walks are over Kinder Scout. During each walk I play games and interact with each dog, recapping or teaching new commands, giving them individual attention, care, hugs and affection.

All new dogs are walked on lead until I am sure that their recall is adequate and I have your consent. Training leads can also be used. But we will discuss each stage and update you on your dog.

Puppy/Elderly Dog Visits from £7

One to one visits for puppies and elderly dogs. It’s important for puppies as they need letting out and interaction and stimulation. Elderly dogs may require medication which can be administrated by myself under your agreement.

Pet Sitting from £5

While you are away on holiday or working, I can care for your cats, small animals or livestock. I will visit your animals at your home, giving your pet cuddles and attention. I will fill food and water. Change litter tray or clean out and play games.

For fish care I can check and change filter and do water changes or water testing. Whilst I am at your home, I can also water plants, tidy up post or any other small tasks, just ask. I can make your home look more lived in by turning on and off lights and closing / opening curtains.

House Sitting from £30

For even more peace of mind that your pet is being cared for and your home is secure, I offer a house sitting service where I spend the day and sleep over. Included in this are daily duties such as opening curtains, bringing in post, general cleaning - ensuring your house is as clean as you left it.

Equine Services from £20

Complete peace of mind whilst you’re away that your equine friend is receiving the best of care in your absence. All care of horses and farm animals include –

Mucking Out – Removal of all soiled bedding from stable and where necessary add fresh bedding.

Skipping Out – Removal of droppings only.

Feeding – Cleaning feed buckets, mixing feeds and feeding to horse/pony as instructed.

Hay Nets – Filling and hanging of all requested/necessary hay nets.

Waters Buckets – Water buckets/drinkers emptied, cleaned and refilled.

Rug Changes – All requested rug changes to be made at times of visits.

Turning Out – Taking a horse/pony from a stable to field.

Bringing In – Taking horse/pony from field to stable.

Grooming – A full 20 minute groom to remove excess mud or dirt from coat, mane and tail. Hoofs pick and oiled.

Should you require more for your horse/pony this can be arranged on an individual basis.

Riding – Tacking horse up for riding in specified tack, riding horse/pony for exercise and un tacking.

Field Checks – Checking horse/pony at grass, filling of field water buckets/troughs, hay and feeding of horse/pony and any rug changes required.

Field Waters – Checking and filling of all requested field troughs.

Tack cleaning – Cleaning and oiling of tack as requested.

Attendance for Farrier / vet visits – Attendance for visits and handling of horse/pony.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are offered as a guide; I am more than happy to discuss your individual needs and to quote you accordingly!

All Animals Welcome carry Pubilc Liability Insurance of up to £3,000.000

How can I help you? 07582 015 486

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