All Animals Welcome

All Animals Welcome

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I/we the client(s), accept ‘All Animals Welcome’ Terms and conditions listed below, including any relevant forms I/we have signed in relation to the service.

All dogs will be walked on a lead, except where a form has been signed by the owner to permit this, provided the dog has adequate recall.

All dogs MUST wear an appropriate collar with an identity tag, engraved with the correct information. This should include owners name and first line of address and postcode, plus a contact telephone number.

Whilst under the care of ‘All Animals Welcome’ dogs will wear an identity disk with the company name and telephone number on in case you cannot be reached.

‘All Animals Welcome’ will provide a diet/care sheet for all animals, which must be completed by the client(s) prior to visits.

Clients must provide food and equipment for their pets, if the company sees fit, i.e. if the dog is aggressive, or pulls, our own equipment (gencon halti) may be used.

All dogs must be up to date with all vaccinations prior to walking or pet sitting.

Small animal boarding: All small animals and birds must be free of mites and other contagious conditions and be in good health. (A vet must be consulted if you have any worries)

Cat visits: ‘All Animals Welcome’ cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or death relating to a cat who has access through a cat flap to the outside.

Home Visits: The client must satisfy themselves to the reliability and trustworthiness of the pet sitter, and will have the opportunity to meet them beforehand.

Clients must note that pet sitters are not cleaners, but will keep the area of the animal in a good state as they find it.

Dog Sitting: Dogs should not be left for long periods of time on their own. If the dog is being left alone overnight ‘All Animals Welcome’ will not be held responsible in any way for any damage the animals do to themselves, each other or the property, or any illnesses or death(s) whilst being left on their own.

The client is responsible for any vet bills incurred during the duration of the contract.

‘All Animals Welcome’ reserve the rights to cancel or cut short a walk if necessary due to adverse weather conditions i.e thunder or hot sun for the safety of the dog and the walker.

Bitches in season cannot be walked.

‘All Animals Welcome’ reserve the right to stop walking or attending to a dog if it shows any aggressive tendencies towards another dog or person.

Bank holidays incur an extra charge of 20%


Cancellations: ‘All Animals Welcome’ will give as much notice as possible. Clients are asked to please give a minimum of a weeks’ notice, the exceptions being illness and bereavement.


Insurance: Please contact your insurance and tell them there are people visiting your property whilst you are away.

‘All Animals Welcome’ will not be held responsible for any break-ins or vandalism on the property during the use of our services.

Keys for clients will be kept locked and secure whilst you are away. They will be returned as per client’s instructions.

Confidentiality: Clients confidentiality shall be kept at all times, including dates away and personal details such as addresses and phone numbers. They will never be used for any other purpose than ‘All Animals Welcome’ and the care of your pets.
Terms & Conditions

All Animals Welcome carry Pubilc Liability Insurance of up to £3,000.000

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